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상세내역 : Large switching capacity

• Sub-miniature size (22 x 16.8 x 14.9mm)
Large switching capacity up to 10A
• Printed circuit terminals - fits grid with 2.54mm (0.1 inch)
• High dielectric strength
• Fully sealed (semi sealed available on request)

Panasonic Corporation
상세내역 : 4-pin high capacity of 1.1A, I/O isolation voltage of 5,000V - GU 1 Form A High capacity

1. Greatly increased capacity
   Continuous load current: 1.1A
2. Reinforced insulation
   I/O isolation voltage: 5,000 Vrms
3. Compact 4-pin DIP type
4. The improved performance relative
   to mercury or mechanical relays

• Measuring instruments
• Security and disaster-preventing
   system: use in I/O for alarm and security
   devices, etc.

상세내역 : 4-bit HMCS400-Series microcomputer with Large-capacity memory

The HD404339 Series is 4-bit HMCS400-Series microcomputer with Large-capacity memory designed to increase program productivity. Each microcomputer has an A/D converter, input capture timer, and a 32-kHz oscillator circuit for clock use all built in. They also come with high-voltage I/O pins that can directly drive a fluorescent display.

•  54 I/O pins
 One input-only pin
 53 input/output pins: 30 pins are high-voltage pins (40 V, max.)
•  On-chip A/D converter (8-bit ×12-channel)
•  Three timers
 One event counter input
 One timer output
 One input capture timer
•  8-bit clock-synchronous serial interface (1 channel)
•  Alarm output
•  Built-in oscillators
 Ceramic or crystal oscillator
 External clock drive is also possible
 Subclock: 32.768-kHz crystal oscillator
•  Seven interrupt sources
 Two by external sources
 Three by timers
 One each by the A/D converter and serial interface
•  Four low-power dissipation modes
 Standby mode
 Stop mode
 Watch mode
 Subactive mode
•  Instruction cycle time: 1 µs (fOSC= 4 MHz, 1/4 division ratio)
 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32 system clock division ratio can be selected

상세내역 : Highly reliable, low cost Miniature size & Large switch capacity up to 15A

 Highly reliable, low cost
 Miniature size & Large switch capacity up to 15A
 High dielectric strength type
 Printed circuit terminals
 UL and CSA approved
 Sealed type is available

부품명(s) : SI9993CS
Vishay Semiconductors
상세내역 : 12-V VCM/Spindle Motor Driver for Large capacity HDD

The Si9993CS consists of a 3-phase brushless dc motor (spindle) PWM controller and a linear/PWM transconductance stage suitable for driving a voice coil motor (head actuator). To meet the power handling capability required for a high capacity hard disk drive, both drivers utilize external LITTLE FOOT half-bridges (Siliconix Si9942 recommended). A separate LITTLE FOOT PMOS switch (Si9430) is used as a synchronous rectifier in place of the usual Schottky blocking diode.
Si9993CS is manufactured in a junction-isolated BiC/DMOS process (JIBCD15) and is available in a 64-pin SQFP package, specified to operate over the commercial (0°C to 70°C) temperature range.

• 12-V Motor Supply
• Blocking Schottky Diode Replaced by External Synchronous Rectifier
• Spindle Motor Driver Features:
    – External LITTLE FOOT® Drivers for High Current/Power Application
    – Constant Off-Time PWM Current Drive Minimizing Power Dissipation
    – Sensorless Motor Commutation Immune to PWM Noise
    – Externally Controlled Start-Up/Run Function
    – Low-Jitter Commutation Output for External Speed Control
    – Level Shifting Buffer Amplifier for PWM DAC
    – Adjustable Output Slew Rate Control
    – Unique Commutation Driver Minimizing Audible Noise
    – Programmable Phase Advance for High Speed Motor
    – Speed Triggered Motor Brake for Enhanced Reliability
• Voice Coil Motor Driver Features:
    – External LITTLE FOOT Drivers for High Current/Power Application
    – Low Crossover Distortion in Linear Mode (Class AB)
    – Selectable Constant Frequency PWM or Linear Operation
    – Programmable Retract Voltage Clamp
    – Level Shifting Buffer Amplifier for PWM DAC
    – Direct VCM Retract Control Input
    – Current Sense Output for Enhanced Servo Control
    – Fixed PWM Output Slew Rate Limit
• System Manager Features:
    – Power-On Reset Generator
    – Adjustable System Voltage Monitor
    – 2.3/5.0-V±5%, 150 ppm/°C Reference Output for External PWM DAC
    – Programmable Timer for Head Retract and Spindle Brake Delay
    – Built-In Test Ability
• 3-Wire Synchronous Serial Data Interface
• Internal Registers and Address Decoding with Full Readback Capability

상세내역 : High switching capacity 1a/1c 30A power relays

High switching capacity 1a/1c 30A power relays

• High switching capacity — 30 A for 1 Form A
• 2 contact arrangements — 1 Form A or 1 Form C
• “TMP” types available
• UL, CSA recognized
• Class F types standard

• Air conditioner
• Heating & ventilation
• Home appliance

부품명(s) : RCM1277U-A
ROHM Semiconductor
상세내역 : 16 x 16 dots transmissive Large-sized liquid crystal display unit

16 x 16 dots transmissive Large-sized liquid crystal display unit

Thanks to the high contrast and wide viewing angle of the RCM1277U-A, which is provided by its unique design technology, this module brings forth new applications in brand new LCD fields. ROHM Large-sized LCD units are perfect displays for information or sign boards. As a media for informational display, Large-sized LCD units must possess high visibility, wide viewing angles, and other such superior qualities. ROHM Large-sized LCDs boast an excellent track record and possess guaranteed functionality for assured satisfaction in a variety of situations.

1) Wide viewing angle, high contrast, and fast response.
2) Compact and light weight for easy assembly.
3) Supports negative or positive display.
4) Low power consumption.

상세내역 : MICRO SWITCH™ Premium Large Basic Switches


MICRO SWITCH™ Large Premium Basic Switches

Accurate, reliable, and repeatable, MICRO SWITCH™ BZ/BA/BM/BE Series features precise operating characteristics and enhanced life. These premium, Large snap-action switches offer precision operation and sensitive differential travel.

Utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and quality controls, Honeywell has engineered premium, Large snap-action switches that meet various international agency requirements. Some models have military qualifcations. MICRO SWITCH™ BZ/BA/BM/BE Series are often used for precision on/off applications, as well as end of limit, presence/absence, and manual operator interface functions.

Their engineered design is suitable for various application needs. Confgured options with BZ, BA, BM, and BE switches provide a wide variety of operating and interface characteristics.

The MICRO SWITCH™ 6AS Series consists of two Large premium BZ/BA/BM/BE snap-action switches ganged together and actuated by a single actuator. Field adjustable operating point is an option for one or both switches.

상세내역 : PhotoMOS PD 1 Form A Flat Power-DIP4-pin type with high capacity up to 2A load current

Flat Power-DIP4-pin type with high capacity up to 2A load current

1. Flat-Packaged type
(W) 8.8 ×(D) 9.3 ×(H) 3.9 mm
(W) .346 ×(D) .366 ×(H) .154 inch
2. High capacity of continuous load current 2A (AQY272)
3. High sensitivity and low on resistance
Max. 2A load can be controlled with 5mA
input current. The on-resistance is low at
typ. 0.11Ω(AQY272).

상세내역 : Miniature SOP4-pin type with high capacity up to 1.6A

1. Continuous load current: Max. 1.6A high capacity (AQY211G2S)
2. Low on resistance: typical 0.1 Ω (AQY211G2S)
3. Broad lineup of high capacity types

• Measuring instruments
• Security and disaster-preventing system: use in I/O for alarm and security devices, etc.

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