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The TX is a series of miniature TRIGGERED SPARK GAPS designed for high reliability switching with Main Static Breakdown’s between 2.0 and 10.0kVdc and are available at relatively low cost. This series of GAPS is capable of switching stored energy in a fraction of a microsecond upon command. Trigger GAPS use no standby power, are extremely rugged and require only a low energy high voltage trigger pulse. They are hermetically sealed at high braze temperatures and will withstand rugged environmental conditions.

• Rugged ceramic-metal construction
• Short delay times
• Miniature size
• High reliability

• High current surge generators
• Military ordnance
   - Exploding bridge wires
   - Exploding foil initiators
   - Slapper detonators
   - Electronic safe and arm
• Crowbars
• Flashlamp triggers
• Rocket motor ignitions
• Missile stage separation
• Furnace ignitions

상세내역 : TRIGGERED SPARK GAPS Ceramic-Metal

P erkinElmer’s TRIGGERED SPARK GAPS are a family of versatile high voltage switches. They consist of three electrodes in a hermetically sealed, pressurized ceramic envelope. TRIGGERED SPARK GAPS are generally characterized by a peak current capability of thousands to tens of thousands of amperes, delay times of tens of nanoseconds, arc resistance of tens of milliohms and inductance of 5 to 30 nanohenries. They are suitable for capacitor switching applications such as flash lamps, electrically pumped gas lasers, medical lithotripters, and as crowbar protection devices.

• Fast switching operation
• High voltage holdoff
• Ceramic-metal construction
• No warm up period
• High current capability
• Long life


상세내역 : Mini-TRIGGERED SPARK GAPS and Transformers, Miniature Trigger Transformers

Mini-TRIGGERED SPARK GAPS and Transformers

•High reliability
•Extremely low jitter
•Environmentally durable
•Small size
•Matching trigger transformers

Precision timing and firing for in-flight functions such as rocket motor ignition, warhead detonation and missile
stage separation. Each of these applications involves the activation of electro-explosive devices such as:

• Exploding bridgewire (EBW)
• Exploding foil initiator (EFI)
• Electronic safe and arm (ESA)
• Slapper/detonator

Miniature Trigger Transformers

These transformers were customdesigned for reliable triggering of the PerkinElmer GP-485/486/488/489 TRIGGERED SPARK GAPS. They have operating circuit output voltages well above the maximum required by the switches and are capable of sustaining the trigger to adjacent electrode current during the turn-on phase of gap operation. These transformers are constructed using miniature cores, wound and potted, to produce high output voltage with a minimum of corona at twice rated output voltage.


CP Clares TriggerGAPS are HIGH-ENERGY SPARK GAPS that are capable of switching stored energy in a fraction of a microsecond. TriggerGAPS require no standby power, are extremely rugged, and require only a low-energy, high voltage triggering pulse. The miniature TA series (1-15kV) provides switching capability for pulses with energy content as high as 50 joules. The larger TB series (2.5-25 kV) will reliably switch pulses with up to 300 joules of energy. The TG-221 to 226 (1-60 kV) can switch pulses with energy contents of up to 6000 joules and feature adjustable self-breakdown voltages.

■ Tight self-breakdown voltage tolerance
   (±10%;TA & TB series)
■ Adjustable self-breakdown voltage
   (TG-221 to TG-226)
■ Rugged ceramic-metal construction
■ Refractory metal electrodes
■ Corrosion-resistant stainless steel
   external surfaces (TB series)

■ High current surge generators
■ Exploding bridge wire systems
■ Crowbars
■ Flashtube triggers

Clare Inc => IXYS

CP Clare’s TriggerGAPS are HIGH-ENERGY SPARK GAPS that are capable of switching stored energy in a fraction of a microsecond. TriggerGAPS use no standby power, are extremely rugged and require only a low energy high voltage triggering pulse.

■ Rugged ceramic-metal construction
■ -55°C to +125°C operating temperature
■ Short delay time
■ Compact size
■ High reliability
■ Vibration tested to MIL-STD-202D method 204, test conditions A
■ Thermal shock tested per MIL-STD-202D method 107, test condition B
■ Mechanical shock tested per MIL-STD- 202D method 204, test condition A
■ Capable of >2500 discharges

■ High current surge generators
■ Explosives detonation
   ■ Exploding Bridge Wire (EBW)
   ■ Exploding Foil Initiator (EFI)
   ■ Slapper Detonator
   ■ Electronic Safe and Arm
■ Crowbars
■ Flash tube triggers
■ Rocket motor ignition
■ Missile stage separation
■ Furnace ignition

상세내역 : Overvoltage SPARK GAPS

P erkinElmer’s Overvoltage SPARK GAPS are a family of rugged ceramic-metal hermetically sealed switches for voltages ranging from 500 volts to 100 kV. These switches have peak current capabilities of up to 50 kA. They are ideal for protecting equipment from damaging high voltage surges when they are used in "crowbar" applications.

• High surge current capability
• Fast switching operation
• High voltage holdoff
• Ceramic-metal construction
• No warm up period
• Long life


PerkinElmer Inc
상세내역 : TRIGGERED Vacuum GAPS

The TRIGGERED Vacuum SPARK GAPS are ideal high-voltage switches for applications where a wide operating voltage range is desired. The low end of the operating voltage range is independent of the Static Breakdown Voltage (SBV). Operating ranges from 300 volts to 80 kilovolts are possible. Switching times (from the trigger input to the start of main gap current flow) of less than 1 microsecond may be achieved when using a suitable trigger. These switches are commonly used in “crowbar” circuits for protection against overvoltage conditions.

• Wide operating voltage range
• Ceramic-metal construction
• No warm up period
• High current capability
• Long life


CP Clare’s TG Legacy Series of two electrode SPARKGAPS excel in applications that require the efficient transfer of high voltage, high energy pulses and DC overvoltage protection for magnetrons, diodes, capacitors, etc. The TG Legacy Series also includes three electrode TRIGGERED SPARKGAPS (cold cathode thyratrons) for switching high levels of stored energy in fractions of a microsecond, on command, using low energy control pulses.

■ Tight DC breakdown voltage tolerance (± 10%)
■ Long-life tungsten or molybdenum electrodes
■ Rugged ceramic-to-metal or glass-to-metal construction

■ Test equipment
■ Video displays
■ Pulse generators
■ Medical electronics


부품명(s) : MB39C811-EVBSK-02
Cypress Semiconductor
상세내역 : Energy Harvesting Starter Kit for Buck Power Management IC with Bluetooth® Smart (Low Energy) Beacon

The MB39C811-EVBSK-02 is an evaluation board that contains Energy Harvesting Power Management IC, MB39C811 (Buck DC/DC converter) with Bluetooth® Smart (Low Energy), which can be used in application on the Solar and Piezoelectric Energy Harvester. The MB39C811 has a wide input range from 4V up to 23V, and the output voltages are selectable from 1.5V to 5V. The board contains a Programmable (application block only) Bluetooth® Smart module, Fujitsu Component: MBH7BLZ02-109004, which allows BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Beacon and wireless data communications.
■ Installed Energy Harvesting Power Management IC: MB39C811
■ Programmable (application block only) Bluetooth® Smart Module: MBH7BLZ02-109004 (*1)
■ Transmit BLE Beacon using Solar energy and Vibration energy only
■ Transmit about 1 second intervals under 500lx
■ Support a lot of energy inputs
    - Solar Cell
    - Piezo Electric
    - USB Bus Power
    - Coin Battery (Expandable: For Hybrid)
    - NFC: Near Field Communication (Expandable: Power supply only)
    - Commercial Power Supply: AC85~265V (Expandable: Need additional resister)
■ Installed Temperature Sensor
■ Installed USB Serial Converter IC for changing Beacon IDs
■ Attached Solar Cell for Evaluation
■ Attached Case & USB Cable
■ Schematic, BOM List, Layout Data, Sample Software
■ Installed Expandable Terminal.
    - Reset Button for MCU (Standard mount)
    - JTAG Connector for MCU Program
    - Expandable Sensor Interface (I2C/GPIO)
    - DIPSW (Expandable)
    - LED (Expandable)
■ Small Size PCB: 45mm × 25mm
■ Battery-less BLE Beacon
■ AC Power supply BLE Beacon
■ Wireless Sensor node for IoT
■ Active RFID
■ Solar Energy Harvesting
■ Wireless Illumination Control
■ Wireless HVAC Sensors
■ Security System

상세내역 : Three-Phase Electrical Energy Logger

[Fluke Corporation]

Energy logging is now within your reach—discover where you’re wasting energy, optimize your facility’s energy use and reduce your bill.

The new Fluke 1730 Three-Phase Electrical Energy logger introduces a new simplicity to discovering sources of electrical energy waste. Discover when and where energy in your facility is being consumed; from the service entrance to individual circuits. Profiling energy usage across your facility helps you identify opportunities for energy savings, and provides you with the data you need to act on them. The new Energy Analyze software package allows you to compare multiple data points over time to build a complete picture of energy usage, which is the first step to reduce the cost of your energy bill.

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