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CA1AS-DC24V-C Datasheet PDF : CA1AS-DC24V-C pdf     
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• Small size and light weight
   For space saving, the outside dimensions
   of the main body are reduced to be 21.5
   mm (length) × 14.4 mm (width) × 37 mm
   (height) (.846 × .567 × 1.457 inch) and
   the weight is also reduced to be approx.
   19 g .67 oz (direct coupling 1 Form A, 1 Form B type)
• Low operating power (1.4W) type is available (1 Form A, 1 Form B)
• Since the terminal arrangement
   complies with JIS D5011 B4-M1,
   commercial connectors are available
for these types of relays.
• Superior inrush characteristics
   Despite its small size, 120A (max. 0.1 s)
   capacity has been achieved by using
   contacts that are good at withstanding
   inrush currents and because of an
   ingenious contacting mechanism.
   (1 Form A and 1 Form B)

• Motorcycles and automobiles
   Motorcycle cell motors, car air
   conditioners, halogen lamps, etc.
• Agricultural equipment
• Battery equipped devices such as
   conveyance vehicles

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