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The AGR18030EF is a high-voltage, gold-metallized, laterally diffused metal oxide semiconductor (LDMOS) RF power field effect transistor (FET) suitable for global system for mobile communication (GSM), enhanced data for global evolution (EDGE), and multicarrier class AB power amplifier applications. This device is manufactured using advanced LDMOS technology offering state-of-the-art performance and reliability. It is packaged in an industry standard package and is capable of delivering a minimum output power of 30 W, which makes it ideally suited for today’s RF power amplifier applications.

   Typical performance ratings for GSM EDGE
   (f = 1.840 GHz, POUT = 10 W)
   — Error vector magnitude (EVM): 1.6%
   — Power gain: 15 dB
   — Drain efficiency: 30%
   — Modulation spectrum:
      @ ±400 kHz = –64 dBc.
      @ ±600 kHz = –71 dBc.
   Typical continuous wave (CW) performance over
      entire digital communication system (DCS) band:
   — P1dB: 33 W typical (typ).
   — Power gain: @ P1dB = 14 dB.
   — Efficiency: @ P1dB = 51% typ.
   — Return loss: –12 dB.
   High-reliability, gold-metallization process.
   Low hot carrier injection (HCI) induced bias drift
      over 20 years.
   Internally matched.
   High gain, efficiency, and linearity.
   Integrated ESD protection.
   30 W minimum output power.
   Device can withstand 10:1 voltage standing wave
      ratio (VSWR) at 26 Vdc, 1.840 GHz, 30 W CW
      output power.
   Large signal impedance parameters available.


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