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VSC7281 Datasheet PDF - Vitesse Semiconductor

VSC7281 Dual XAUI – Single XGMII Quad 0.95 Gbps to 3.25 Gbps Transceiver Vitesse
Vitesse Semiconductor Vitesse
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VSC7281 Datasheet PDF : VSC7281 pdf   
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The VSC7281 is a Dual XAUI – Single XGMII Transceiver tailored for 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) and 10 Gigabit Fibre Channel (10GFC) applications. The feature set and flexibility of these devices make them perfectly suited for Backplane and other Serial Interconnect applications such as Serial Rapid I/O, PCI Express and XAUI.
► IEEE802.3ae 10 Gigabit Ethernet Compliant
► ANSI 10Gb Fibre Channel Compliant
► Dual XAUI Serial Bus
► Single XGMII Parallel Bus
► 0.95 Gbps to 3.25 Gbps Quad SerDes/Transceiver
► XAUI Compliant Retimer and Repeater Modes
► Simultaneous Operation at Multiple Frequencies
► Programmable Pre-Emphasis and Signal Equalization
► 8B/10B Encoder/Decoder with Optional Bypass
► Programmable Rate Matching Characters
► Elastic Buffer for Intra/Inter-Chip Deskewing and Channel-toChannel Alignment
► Received Data Aligned to Local REFCLK or to Recovered Clock
► TX and RX Rate Matching for FC, 1GbE, and InfiniBand™
► Output Reduced Swing Level for Optics
► Serial and Parallel Loopback
► Fast Locking CRU
► Flexible CMU Operation
► IEEE802.3 MDIO Register Interface
► Multiple Built-In-Self Test Diagnostics and Counters
    - PRBS, CRPAT, CJPAT Pattern Generation
► JTG Boundary Scan
► HSTL1.5 and HSTL1.8 Parallel I/O
► 10 Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel Links
    - XENPAK, X2, XPAK Module Connections
► High Speed Serial Backplanes
    - XAUI Channel
    - Independent Channel Control
► Box-to-Box Serial Communications
    - Copper, Coax, and Fiber

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