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부품번호TLHG4200 Vishay
Vishay Semiconductors Vishay
상세내역(기능)High Efficiency LED in Ø 3 mm Tinted Non-Diffused Package
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The TLH.42.. series was developed for standard applications like general indicating and lighting purposes.
It is housed in a 3 mm tinted clear plastic package. The wide viewing angle of these devices provides a high on-off contrast.
Several selection types with different luminous intensities are offered. All LEDs are categorized in luminous intensity groups. The green and yellow LEDs are categorized additionally in wavelength groups.
That allows users to assemble LEDs with uniform appearance.

• Choice of five bright colors
• Standard T-1 package
• Small mechanical tolerances
• Suitable for DC and high peak current
• Wide viewing angle
• Luminous intensity categorized
• Yellow and green color categorized
• Material categorization:
   for definitions of compliance please see

• Status lights
• Off / on indicator
• Background illumination
• Readout lights
• Maintenance lights
• Legend light


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