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TCD1252 TOSHIBA CCD LINEAR IMAGE SENSOR CCD(Charge Coupled Device) Toshiba
Toshiba Toshiba
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TCD1252 데이타시트 PDF : TCD1252 pdf   
TCD1252 image

The TCD1252AP is a high sensitive and low dark current 2700−elements linear image sensor. The sensor can be used for facsimile, imagescanner and OCR. The device contains a row of 2700 photodiodes, which provide a 8 lines / mm (200 DPI) across a A3 size paper and a 12 lines / mm (300DPI) across a A4 size paper.
The device is operated by 5V (pulse), and 12V power supply.

● Number of Image Sensing Elements : 2700
● Image Sensing Element Size : 11µm by 11µm on 11µm centers
● Photo Sensing Region : High sensitive low dark current
● Clock : 2 phase (5V)


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