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TPS658600 Advanced Power Management Unit TI
Texas Instruments TI
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The TPS658600 provides an easy to use, fully integrated solution for handheld devices, integrating charge management, multiple regulated power supplies, system management and display functions in a small 6x6 package. The I2C interface enables control of a wide range of subsystem parameters. Internal registers have a complete set of status information, enabling easy diagnostics and host-controlled handling of fault conditions.

   – Complete Charge Management Solution for a Single Cell Li-Ion/Li-Pol Cell With Dynamic Power Management and Thermal Foldback.
   – Maximum 1.0A charge current
   – Programmable Adapter and USB Charge Operation
   – 3 Programmable Step-Down converters
• Software Controlled Enable/Forced PWM Mode
• Automatic Power Saving Mode
• Maximum 1.2A Outputs
   – 11 Programmable General Purpose LDOs
• 7 With Output Voltages of 1.25V to 3.3V
• 2 With Output Voltages of 0.725V to 1.5V or 1.25V to 2.586V (factory configurable)
• 1 “Always On” With Output Voltages of 1.25V to 3.3V
• 1 With Output Voltage of 1.70V–2.475V
   – 4 PWM Outputs With Programmable Frequency and Duty Cycle
   – Dual RGB LED Drivers
   – Constant Current WLED Driver
• 26.5V (max) at 25mA
• Over-Voltage Protection
• Programmable Current Level and Brightness Control
   – Interrupt Controller With Maskable Interrupts
   – External ADC Triggering and Step-Down Converter Mode Control
   – Dual Input Power Path
• USB Current Limiting
• Max 18V Over-Voltage Protection
   – Power Good Monitoring on all Supply Outputs
   – Software Reset Function
   – Hardware On/Off and Reboot Control
   – 11 Channel ADC With 3 Operating Modes
• Single Conversion
• Peak Detection
• Averaging

• Smart Phones
• Portable Navigation Devices
• Portable Media Players


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