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LP3954 Advanced Lighting Management Unit TI
Texas Instruments TI
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LP3954 데이타시트 PDF : LP3954 pdf   
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LP3954 is an advanced lighting management unit for handheld devices. It drives any phone lights including display backlights, RGB, keypad and camera flash LEDs. The boost DC-DC converter drives high current loads with high efficiency. White LED backlight drivers are high efficiency low voltage structures with excellent matching and automatic fade in/ fade out function. The new stand-alone command based RGB controller is feature rich and easy to configure. Built-in audio synchronization feature allows user to synchronize the color LEDs to audio input. Integrated high current driver can drive camera flash LED or motor/vibra. Internal ADC can be used for ambient light or temperature sensing. The flexible SPI/I2C interface allows easy control of LP3954. Small DSBGA package together with minimum number of external components is a best fit for handheld devices.

• Audio Synchronization for Color/RGB LEDs
• Command Based PWM Controlled RGB LED Drivers
• High Current Driver for Flash LED With Built-in Timing
• 4+2 or 6 Low Voltage Constant Current White
   LED Drivers With Orogrammable 8-Bit
   Adjustment (0…25mA/LED)
• High Efficiency Boost DC-DC Converter
• SPI / I2C Compatible Interface
• Possibility for External PWM Dimming Control
• Possibility for Clock Synchronization for RGB Timing
• Ambient Light and Temperature Sensing Possibility
• Small Package – DSBGA, 3.0 x 3.0 x 0.6mm

• Cellular Phones
• PDAs, MP3 players

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