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LC74201JE Single Chip MPEG Decoder SANYO
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The LC74201JE is a CMOS IC that integrates the signal processing functions required of a video CD decoder to a single chip. All that it takes to make a version 1 or version 2 video CD player is the addition of a CD digital signal processor, DRAM, an audio D/A converter, digital video encoder, and similar components.

• Incorporation of virtually almost all the functionality required by a video CD player from the CD-ROM decoder through to the MPEG audio and video decoders in a single chip
• Fully automatic playback with automatic decoding within the LSI in response to simple external commands and the MPEG bit stream
• Special playback functions are activated by command inputs, and do not require signal processing by the host microcontroller
• Support for two external DRAM configurations: 4 M bits (256k × 16 bits) or 4 M bits (256k × 16 bits) + 1 M bit (64k × 16 bits)
• Support for a Track 1 DRAM user area (i.e., sector buffer) of up to 8 k bytes (4 M bits of external DRAM) or 22 k bytes (4 M +1 M bits of external DRAM)
• Automatic synchronization of audio and video
• Built-in high-speed decoder core that supports variablespeed video playback at up to quadruple speed. Audio support for normal and double-speed playback.
• Internal registers that offer configuration settings for connecting to most commercially available CD digital signal processors and D/A converters
• Compatible with version 2 of the video CD standard. Support for superimposition of closed caption data on the output signal as specified in the EIA608 standard
• Support for Photo CD standard. (Base/4 and Base/16)

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