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MIC2544-2BMM Programmable Current Limit High-Side Switch Micrel
Micrel Micrel
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General Description
The MIC2544 and MIC2548 are integrated, high-side power switches optimized for low loss DC power switching and other power management applications, including Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI). The MIC2544/48 is a cost-effective, highly integrated solution that requires few external components to satisfy USB and ACPI requirements.

• 2.7V to 5.5V input
• Adjustable current-limit up to 1.5A
• Reverse current flow blocking (no “body diode”)
• 75µA typical on-state supply current
• 1µA typical off-state supply current
• 120mΩ maximum on-resistance
• Open-drain fault flag
• Thermal shutdown
• Thermal shutdown output latch (MIC2548)
• 2ms (slow) turn-on and fast turnoff
• Available with active-high or active-low enable

• USB power distribution
• PCI bus power switching
• Notebook PC
• ACPI power distribution
• PC card hot swap applications
• Inrush current-limiting

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