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MAX774CPA Datasheet PDF - Maxim Integrated

MAX774CPA -5V/-12V/-15V or Adjustable, High-Efficiency, Low IQ Inverting DC-DC Controllers MaximIC
Maxim Integrated MaximIC
Other PDF  2002  
MAX774CPA Datasheet PDF : MAX774CPA pdf   
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General Description
The MAX774/MAX775/MAX776 inverting switching regulators deliver high efficiency over three decades of load current. A unique current-limited, pulse-frequency-modulated (PFM) control scheme provides the benefits of pulse-width modulation (high efficiency with heavy loads), while using less than 100µA of supply current (vs. 2mA to 10mA for PWM converters). The result is high efficiency over a wide range of loads.

♦ 85% Efficiency for 5mA to 1A Load Currents
♦ Up to 5W Output Power
♦ 100µA Max Supply Current
♦ 5µA Max Shutdown Current
♦ 3V to 16.5V Input Range
♦ -5V (MAX774), -12V (MAX775), -15V (MAX776), or Adjustable Output Voltage
♦ Current-Limited PFM Control Scheme
♦ 300kHz Switching Frequency

    LCD-Bias Generators
    High-Efficiency DC-DC Converters
    Battery-Powered Applications
    Data Communicators


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