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4-1393789-3 P2 Relay V23079 Macom
Tyco Electronics Macom
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Standard telecom relay (ringing and test access)
Slim line 15x7.5mm (.590x.295”)
Max. switching current 5A
2 form C bifurcated contacts (2 changeover contacts, 2 CO)
Immersion cleanable
High sensitivity for low power consumption 140mW/ 70mW
Single coil version with surge voltage resistance between contact and coil: 2.5kV (2/10μs) meets the Telcordia Requirement GR-1089, 1.5kV (10/160μs) meets FCC Part 68

Typical applications
Communications equipment linecard application (ringing and test access), PABX, voice over IP, office equipment, measurement and control equipment, automotive equipment as CAN bus, keyless entry, speaker switch, medical equipment, consumer electronics, set top boxes, HiFi


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