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MAX907 데이터시트 - Maxim Integrated

MAX907 Dual/Quad/Single, High-Speed, Ultra-Low-Power, Single-Supply TTL Comparators MAXIM
Maxim Integrated MAXIM
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General Description
The MAX907/MAX908/MAX909 are dual/quad/single, high-speed, ultra-low-power voltage comparators designed for use in systems powered from a single +5V supply; the MAX909 also accepts dual ±5V supplies. Their 40ns propagation delay (with 5mV input overdrive) is achieved with a power consumption of only 3.5mW per comparator. The wide input commonmode range extends from 200mV below ground (below the negative supply rail for the MAX909) to within 1.5V of the positive supply rail.
♦ 40ns Propagation Delay
♦ 700µA (3.5mW) Supply Current per Comparator
♦ Single 4.5V to 5.5V Supply Operation
    (or ±5V, MAX909 only)
♦ Wide Input Range Includes Ground
    (or -5V, MAX909 only)
♦ Low, 500µV Offset Voltage
♦ Internal Hysteresis Provides Clean Switching
♦ TTL-Compatible Outputs
    (Complementary on MAX909)
♦ Input and Output Short-Circuit Protection
♦ Internal Latch (MAX909 only)
    Battery-Powered Systems
    High-Speed A/D Converters
    High-Speed V/F Converters
    Line Receivers
    Threshold Detectors/Discriminators
    High-Speed Sampling Circuits
    Zero-Crossing Detectors

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