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LT1173 Micropower DC/DC Converter Adjustable and Fixed 5V, 12V Linear
Linear Technology Linear
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The LT1173 is a versatile micropower DC-DC converter. The device requires only three external components to deliver a fixed output of 5V or 12V. Supply voltage ranges from 2.0V to 12V in step-up mode and to 30V in step-down mode. The LT1173 functions equally well in step-up, step down or inverting applications.
The LT1173 consumes just 110µA supply current at standby, making it ideal for applications where low quies cent current is important. The device can deliver 5V at 80mA from a 3V input in step-up mode or 5V at 200mA from a 12V input in step-down mode.
Switch current limit can be programmed with a single resistor. An auxiliary gain block can be configured as a low battery detector, linear post regulator, under voltage lock out circuit or error amplifier.
For input sources of less than 2V, use the LT1073.

■ Operates at Supply Voltages From 2.0V to 30V
■ Consumes Only 110µA Supply Current
■ Works in Step-Up or Step-Down Mode
■ Only Three External Components Required
■ Low Battery Detector Comparator On-Chip
■ User-Adjustable Current Limit
■ Internal 1A Power Switch
■ Fixed or Adjustable Output Voltage Versions
■ Space Saving 8-Pin MiniDIP or SO8 Package

■ Flash Memory Vpp Generators
■ 3V to 5V, 5V to 12V Converters
■ 9V to 5V, 12V to 5V Converters
■ LCD Bias Generators
■ Peripherals and Add-On Cards
■ Battery Backup Supplies
■ Laptop and Palmtop Computers
■ Cellular Telephones
■ Portable Instruments

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