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GA355DR7GC101KY02L Chip Monolithic Ceramic Capacitors ETC
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■ Features
1. Chip monolithic ceramic capacitor (certified as conforming to safety standards) for AC lines.
2. A new monolithic structure for small, high capacitance capable of operating at high voltage levels.
3. Compared to lead type capacitors, this new capacitor is greatly downsized and low-profiled to 1/10 or less in volume, and 1/4 or less in height.
4. The type GC can be used as an X1-class and Y2-class capacitor, line-by-pass capacitor of UL1414.
5. +125 degree C guaranteed.
6. Only for reflow soldering.

■ Applications
1. Ideal for use as Y capacitor or X capacitor for various switching power supplies
2. Ideal for modem applications


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