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2020-1500 데이터시트 - Data Delay Devices

2020-1500 FIXED SIP DELAY LINE TR < 1ns Data-Delay-Devices
Data Delay Devices Data-Delay-Devices
2020-1500 PDF 데이터시트 : 2020-1500 pdf   
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The 2020- and 2021-series devices are fixed, single-input, single-output, passive delay lines. The signal input (IN) is reproduced at the output (OUT), shifted by a time (TD) given by the device dash number. The characteristic impedance of the lines is nominally 50 ohms. The rise time (TR) of the lines is no more than 1ns, resulting in a 3dB bandwidth of at least 350MHz.

· Microstrip Technology
· Fast rise time for high frequency applications
· Delay available from 100ps to 2500ps
· Very narrow device (SIP package)
· Stackable for PC board economy
· Epoxy encapsulated
· Meets or exceeds MIL-D-23859C


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