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OAA160P DUAL POLE OptoMOS Relay Clare
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OAA160 is a 250V, 50mA, 20Ω 2-Form-A relay. This high performance product provides the fastest (0.125ms) switching available for two independent Form-A relays in a single package.

• Small 8 Pin DIP Package
• Low Drive Power Requirements (TTL/CMOS
• No Moving Parts
• High Reliability
• Arc-Free With No Snubbing Circuits
• 3750VRMS Input/Output Isolation
• FCC Compatible
• VDE Compatible
• No EMI/RFI Generation
• Machine Insertable, Wave Solderable
• Surface Mount and Tape & Reel
   Versions Available

• Telecommunications
   • Telecom Switching
   • Tip/Ring Circuits
   • Modem Switching (Laptop, Notebook, Pocket Size)
   • Hookswitch
   • Dial Pulsing
   • Ground Start
   • Ringer Injection
• Instrumentation
   • Multiplexers
   • Data Acquisition
   • Electronic Switching
   • I/O Subsystems
   • Meters (Watt-Hour, Water, Gas)
• Medical Equipment-Patient/Equipment Isolation
• Security
• Aerospace
• Industrial Controls

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