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BM-20EG57ND 53.2mm (2.00") matrix height 5×7 dot matrix display BRIGHT
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BM-20EG57ND Datasheet PDF : BM-20EG57ND pdf   
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● Description :
1. The BM-20EG57ND is a 53.2mm (2.00") matrix height 5×7 dot matrix display.
2. This product use hi-eff red chips and green chips ,the hi-eff red chips are made from GaAsP on GaP substrate, the green chips are made from GaP on GaP substrate.
3. This product have a black face and white dots.
4. This product doesnt contain restriction substance, comply ROHS standard.

● Features :
1. 2.00 inch (53.2mm) matrix height.
2. Dot size 5.0 mm.
3. Low power requirement.
4. Excellent characters appearance.
5. Solid state reliability.
6. Multiplex drive , column cathode com. and row anode com.
7. Multi color available.
8. Categorized for luminous intensity.
9. Stackable vertically and horizontally.

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