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901-10015 SMA Connectors Amphenol
Amphenol Aerospace Amphenol
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SMA is an acronym for SubMiniature version A and was developed in the 1960’s. It uses a threaded interface. 50 Ω SMA connectors are semi-precision, subminiature units that provide excellent electrical performance from DC to 18 GHz. These high-performance connectors are compact in size and mechanically have outstanding durability.
For phase array radar, test equipment, ILS landing systems and other instrumentation using phase matching techniques, these SMA connectors for semi-rigid coaxial cables and the SMA Plug-to-Jack adapter offer a precise and simple means of phase adjustment for microwave devices. Built in accordance with MIL-C-39012 and CECC 22110/111, SMA connectors can be mated with all connectors that meet these interface specifcations, regardless of manufacturer.
SMA is available both in Standard and Reverse Polarity. Reverse polarity is a keying system accomplished with a reverse interface, and ensures that reverse polarity interface connectors do not mate with standard interface connectors. Amphenol accomplish es this by inserting female contacts into plugs and male contacts into jacks.

• Broadband performance DC to 18 GHz with low reflection stainless steel
   construction and ¼-36 threaded coupling.
• Brass SMA available in nickel or gold plating which provides approximately
   30% cost reduction with 100 mating cycles.
• Available for .085” and .141” diameter semi-rigid cables and all the standard
   flexible cables including double shielded RG-316.
• Phase Adjustable SMA connectors provide ease of mechanical screw adjustments.

   • Base Stations     • Process Controls
   • Cable Assemblies    • PC/LAN
   • Instrumentation      • Telecom
   • Mil/Aero

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