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NXI150 DC-DC CONVERTERS 81 A DC-DC Non-Isolated Converters ARTESYN
Artesyn Technologies 
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The NXI150 non-isolated dc-dc converter is designed to meet the exceptionally fast transient response requirements of today’s microprocessors and fast switching logic in a compact size at a very affordable price. Advanced circuit techniques, component selection and placement optimization, state-of-the-art thermal packaging, and Surface Mount Technologies provide a high power density, highly reliable, and very precise voltage regulation system for advanced microprocessors. Multi-phase power conversion techniques allow the NXI converters to lead the industry with regard to conversion efficiency without adding unneccesary complexity. On-board active current sharing circuit guarantees the current sharing specification is met during static and dynamic load conditions.

• Meets VRM9.1 specification
• Microprocessor voltage identification input
   - 5 Bit VID input
   - 1.10 Vdc to 1.85 Vdc in 25 mV steps
• Up to 50 A/µs load transient
• Democratic current sharing, no need for master/slave configuration
• Remote sense for improved load regulation
• Vertical plug-in to standard motherboard connector with or without retention latch
• Available RoHS compliant


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