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L2042A 데이터시트 - Alliance Semiconductor

L2042A 2.5V LCD Panel Reduction IC ALSC
Alliance Semiconductor ALSC
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Product Description
The L2042A is a versatile spread spectrum frequency modulator designed specifically for digital falt panel applications. The L2042A reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI) at the clock source, allowing system wide reduction of EMI of down stream clock and data dependent signals. The L2042A allows significant system cost savings by reducing the number of circuit board layers ferrite beads, shielding and other passive components that are traditionally required to pass EMI regulations.

▪ FCC approved method of EMI attenuation.
▪ Provides up to 15dB of EMI suppression.
▪ Generates a low EMI spread spectrum clock of the
    input frequency.
▪ Input frequency range: 30MHz to 75 MHz.
▪ Optimized for 32.5MHz, 54MHz, and 65MHz.
▪ Internal loop filter minimizes external components
    and board space.
▪ Selectable spread deviation.
▪ SSON# control pin for spread spectrum enable
    and disable options.
▪ Low cycle-to-cycle jitter.
▪ 2.5V or 3.3V operating voltage range.
▪ TTL or CMOS compatible outputs.
▪ Ultra-low power CMOS design.
▪ Supports most mobile graphic accelerator and
    LCD timing controller specifications.
▪ Available in 8-pin SOIC and TSSOP.
    The L2042A is targeted towards digital flat panel
    applications for Notebook PCs, Palm -size PCs, office
    automation equipment, and LCD monitors.

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