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The ZMZ20 is an extremely sensitive magnetic field sensor in a 4 pin E-Line package employing the magneto-resistive effects of thin film Permalloy. It allows the measurement of magnetic fields or the detection of metallic parts. The sensor consists of a chip covered with Permalloy stripes which form a Wheatstone bridge, whose output voltage is proportional to the magnetic field component Hy. A perpendicular field Hx is necessary to suppress the hysteresis and this can be provided by
using a small permanent magnet.

• Output voltage proportional to magnetic field Hy
• Adjustment of sensitivity and suppression of hysteresis by the auxiliary magnetic field Hx
• Magnetic fields vertical to the chip level are not effective

• Linear position sensors for process control, door interlocks, proximity detectors, machine tool sensing
• Scalar measurement for compassing
• Automotive - door switches, engine position and speed sensing
• Metering of fluids by sensing rotation of impeller
• Traffic counting and vehicle-type sensing
• Measurement of current in a conductor without connection


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