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ZMT32 Magnetic Field Angle Sensor Zetex
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ZMT32 Datasheet PDF : ZMT32 pdf   
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The ZMT32 is a thin film permalloy magnetic field sensor, which contains two galvanic isolated Wheatstone Bridges for high precision angle measurement applications under low field conditions. This angle sensor is based on the anisotropic magnetoresistive effect (AMR). The two internal (VCC1, VCC2) bridges enclose a relative sensitive angle of 45 degrees.

• contactless angle measurement up to 180°
• flexible measuring solutions for moved systems
• stable operation over long time
• high temperature range up to +160°C

• angle and angular velocity measuring systems
• absolute angle and angle change
• automotive electronic (steering, throttle control, pedal positioning, etc
• contactless rotary switches and potentiometer
• automatic adjustment

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