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TR8100 916.50 MHz Hybrid Transceiver Murata
Murata Manufacturing Murata
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The TR8100-1 has the same construction as the TR8100, but with special characterization of RSSI linearity (BBOUT).The TR8100-1 hybrid transceiver is ideal for short-range wireless data applications where robust operation, small size, low power consumption and low cost are required. The TR8100-1 employs RFM’s amplifier-sequenced hybrid (ASH) architecture to achieve this unique blend of characteristics. All critical RF functions are contained in the hybrid, simplifying and speeding design-in. The receiver section of the TR8100-1 is sensitive and stable. A wide dynamic range log detector, in combination with digital AGC and a compound data slicer, provide robust performance in the presence of on-channel interference or noise. Two stages of SAW filtering provide excellent receiver out-of-band rejection. The transmitter uses an internal “digital modulation” BPSK spreading code, with data carried by either OOK or ASK modulation. The transmitter employs SAW filtering to suppress output harmonics, facilitating compliance with FCC 15.247 regulations.

• Designed for Short-Range Wireless Data Communications
• Supports RF Data Transmission Rates Up to 115.2 kbps
• 3 V, Low Current Operation plus Sleep Mode
• Up to 10 mW Transmitter Power under FCC 15.247 Regulations


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