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TIBPAL16L8-5C 데이타시트 PDF : TIBPAL16L8-5C pdf   
TIBPAL20R4-10MWB image

These programmable array logic devices feature high speed and functional equivalency when compared with currently available devices. These IMPACT-X™ circuits combine the latest Advanced Low-Power Schottky technology with proven titanium-tungsten fuses to provide reliable, high-performance substitutes for conventional TTL logic. Their easy programmability allows for quick design of custom functions and typically results in a more compact circuit board.
The TIBPAL16’ C series is characterized from 0°C to 75°C. The TIBPAL16’ M series is characterized for operation over the full military temperature range of –55°C to 125°C.

• High-Performance Operation:
    fmax (no feedback)
        TIBPAL16R’ -5C Series . . . 125 MHz Min
        TIBPAL16R’ -7M Series . . . 100 MHz Min
    fmax (internal feedback)
        TIBPAL16R’ -5C Series . . . 125 MHz Min
        TIBPAL16R’ -7M Series . . . 100 MHz Min
    fmax (external feedback)
        TIBPAL16R’ -5C Series . . . 117 MHz Min
        TIBPAL16R’ -7M Series . . . 74 MHz Min
    Propagation Delay
        TIBPAL16L8-5C Series . . . 5 ns Max
        TIBPAL16L8-7M Series . . . 7 ns Max
        TIBPAL16R’ -5C Series
            (CLK-to-Q) . . . 4 ns Max
        TIBPAL16R ’ -7M Series
            (CLK-to-Q) . . . 6.5 ns Max
• Functionally Equivalent, but Faster than, Existing 20-Pin PLDs
• Preload Capability on Output Registers Simplifies Testing
• Power-Up Clear on Registered Devices (All Register Outputs are Set Low, but Voltage Levels at the Output Pins Go High)
• Package Options Include Both Plastic and Ceramic Chip Carriers in Addition to Plastic and Ceramic DIPs
• Security Fuse Prevents Duplication


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