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SC73C1602 is one of Silan’s 4-bit CMOS single-chip micro-controllers for infrared remote control transmitters (IRCTs). It can be implemented in various IRCTs circuits by mask option.

*   Wide operating voltage (1.8~4.0V)
*  Low static power consumption (<1mA)
*  ROM: 2K x 9 bits
*  Data memory: 32 x 4bits
*  Timer/counter: (10~15 bits)
*  8-bit timer, generates various frequencies and duty carrier
*  16 I/O pins, four 4-bit I/O ports (export P53)
*  Oscillator frequency (fosc):  fosc=4MHz (TYP.) or fosc=455KHz(TYP.)
*  Operating frequency (fmain): fosc/8  (fosc=4MHz)
                                                  fosc (fosc=455KHz)
*  Instruction cycle: 5/fmain
*  Support low voltage detection

*  Infrared  remote  control  devices, such  as  TV,  Video  Cassette Recorder, VTR, laser phonograph and acoustics remote controllers.


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