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NTE7039 Integrated circuit. Vertical deflection output circuit, w/drive circuit for CRT display. NTE-Electronic
NTE Electronics NTE-Electronic
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The NTE7039 and NTE7104 are vertical deflection output ICs developed for use in high–grade TVs
and displays. The interlace and crossover distortion responses, in particular, have been greatly im
proved, allowing excellent picture quality on large size television screens and high precision interlace mode displays. Also, pulse signals can be used for input signals due to the on–chip sawtooth wave generating circuit and driver circuit. Further, the DC and AC feedback circuits can be formed with these ICs alone, simplyfing pattern design of sets and ensuring stable performance. The NTE7104 has a maximum deflection current of 1.8Ap–p, making it appropriate for use in portable to mid–size televisions while the NTE7039 has a minimum deflection current of 2.2Ap–p, so it can be used for larger size sets, and can drive television screen sizes from 33 to 37 inches.

Low Power Dissipation due to On–Chip Pump–Up Circuit
On–Chip 50/60Hz Vertical Size Control Circuit
On–Chip Sawtooth Wave Generating Circuit
On–Chip Drive Circuit
ertical Output Circuit
On–Chip Thermal Protection Circuit
Excellent Interlace Response
Excellent Crossover Response

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