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MAX8741 Datasheet PDF : MAX8741 pdf     
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General Description
The MAX8741/MAX8742 are buck-topology, step-down, switch-mode, power-supply controllers that generate logic-supply voltages in battery-powered systems. These high-performance, dual/triple-output devices include on-board power-up sequencing, power-good signaling with delay, digital soft-start, secondary winding control, low-dropout circuitry, internal frequency-compensation networks, and automatic bootstrapping.

♦ 97% Efficiency
♦ 4.2V to 30V Input Range
♦ 2.5V to 5.5V Dual Adjustable Outputs
♦ Selectable 3.3V and 5V Fixed or Adjustable Outputs (Dual Mode™)
♦ 12V Linear Regulator
♦ Adjustable Secondary Feedback (MAX8741)
♦ 5V/50mA Linear-Regulator Output
♦ Precision 2.5V Reference Output
♦ Programmable Power-Up Sequencing
♦ Power-Good (RESET) Output
♦ Output Overvoltage Protection
♦ Output Undervoltage Shutdown
♦ 333kHz/500kHz Low-Noise, Fixed-Frequency Operation
♦ Low-Dropout, 98% Duty-Factor Operation
♦ 2.5mW Typical Quiescent Power (12V Input, Both SMPSs On)
♦ 4µA Typical Shutdown Current

   Notebook and Subnotebook Computers
   PDAs and Mobile Communicators
   Desktop CPU Local DC-DC Converters


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