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The LC11011-141 is a pseudo gray scale processor for TFT LCD. It allows LCD panels with inputs of three to six bits per RGB to display the equivalent of 16.7 million colors.

• Handles 8-bits of input data (256-scale data) for each of the RGB colors.
• Operating mode selection of three, four, or six bit driver outputs
• Realizes reduced resolution loss (as compared to dithering techniques) by using intra- and inter-frame error diffusion processing.
• Supports both 5 V and low voltage (3.3 V) operation.
• Operates with arbitrary clock frequencies up to 50 MHz (at 5 V) or up to 30 MHz (at 3.3 V).
• Can operate independently of the number of displayed pixels since internal operation is controlled by the horizontal and vertical synchronization signals.


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