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HV830 High Voltage EL Lamp Driver Supertex
Supertex Inc Supertex
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HV830 데이타시트 PDF : HV830 pdf   
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General Description
The Supertex HV830 is a high-voltage driver designed for driving EL lamps of up to 50nF. EL lamps greater than 50nF can be driven for applications not requiring high brightness. The input supply voltage range is from 2.0V to 9.5V. The device uses a single inductor and a minimum number of passive components. The nominal regulated output voltage that is applied to the EL lamp is ±100V. The chip can be enabled by connecting the resistors on RSW-osc and REL-osc to VDD and disabled when connected to GND.

❏ Processed with HVCMOS® technology
❏ 2.0V to 9.5V operating supply voltage
❏ DC to AC conversion
❏ 200V peak-to-peak typical output voltage
❏ Large output load capability – typically 50nF
❏ Permits the use of high-resistance elastomeric lamp connectors
❏ Adjustable output lamp frequency to control lamp color, lamp life, and power consumption
❏ Adjustable converter frequency to eliminate harmonics and optimize power consumption
❏ Enable/disable function
❏ Low current draw under no load condition
❏ Very low standby current – 30nA typical

❏ Handheld personal computers
❏ Electronic personal organizers
❏ GPS units
❏ Pagers
❏ Cellular phones
❏ Portable instrumentation


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