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EL2270CS 70MHz/1mA Current Mode Feedback Amplifiers Intersil
Intersil Intersil
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The EL2270 is a dual current-feedback operational amplifiers which achieves a -3dB bandwidth of 70MHz at a gain of +1 while consuming only 1mA of supply current per amplifier. It will operate with dual supplies ranging from ±1.5V to ±6V, or from single supplies ranging from +3V to +12V. In spite of its low supply current, the EL2270 can output 55mA while swinging to ±4V on ±5V supplies. These attributes make the EL2270 an excellent choice for low power and/or low voltage cable-driver, HDSL, or RGB applications.

• Dual topologies
• 1mA supply current (per amplifier)
• 70MHz -3dB bandwidth
• Low cost
• Single- and dual-supply operation down to ±1.5V
• 0.15%/0.15° diff. gain/diff. phase into 150Ω
• 800V/µs slew rate
• Large output drive current - 55mA
• Also available with disable in single (EL2176) & dual (EL2276)
• Higher speed EL2180/EL2186 family available (3mA/250MHz) in single, dual, and quad
• Pb-free available

• Low power/battery applications
• HDSL amplifiers
• Video amplifiers
• Cable drivers
• RGB amplifiers
• Test equipment amplifiers
• Current to voltage converters


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