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The AD8610/AD8620 are very high precision JFET input amplifiers featuring ultralow offset voltage and drift, very low input voltage and current noise, very low input bias current, and wide bandwidth. Unlike many JFET amplifiers, the AD8610/AD8620 input bias current is low over the entire operating temperature range. The AD8610/AD8620 are stable with capacitive loads of over 1000 pF in noninverting unity gain; much larger capacitive loads can be driven easily at higher noise gains. The AD8610/ AD8620 swing to within 1.2 V of the supplies even with a 1 kΩ load, maximizing dynamic range even with limited supply voltages. Outputs slew at 50 V/μs in either inverting or noninverting gain configurations, and settle to 0.01% accuracy in less than 600 ns. Combined with high input impedance, great precision and very high output drive, the AD8610/AD8620 are ideal amplifiers for driving high performance ADC inputs and buffering DAC converter outputs.

   Low noise: 6 nV/√Hz
   Low offset voltage: 100 μV maximum
   Low input bias current: 10 pA maximum
   Fast settling: 600 ns to 0.01%
   Low distortion
   Unity gain stable
   No phase reversal
   Dual-supply operation: ±5 V to ±13 V

   Photodiode amplifier
   Sensors and controls
   High performance filters
   Fast precision integrators
   High performance audio


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