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The AD8564 is quad 7 ns comparator with separate input and output supplies, thus enabling the input stage to be operated from ±5 V dual supplies or a +5 V single supply while maintaining a CMOS/TTL-compatible output.
Fast 7 ns propagation delay makes the AD8564 a good choice for timing circuits and line receivers. Independent analog and digital supplies provide excellent protection from supply pin interaction. The AD8564 is pin compatible with the MAX901, and has lower supply currents.

   +5 V Single-Supply Operation
   7 ns Propagation Delay
   Low Power
   Separate Input and Output Sections
   TTL and CMOS Logic Compatible Outputs
   Wide Output Swing
   TSSOP, SOIC and PDIP Packages

   High Speed Timing
   Line Receivers
   Data Communications
   High Speed V-to-F Converters
   Battery Operated Instrumentation
   High Speed Sampling Systems
   Window Comparators
   Read Channel Detection
   PCMCIA Cards
   Upgrade for MAX901 Designs


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