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The AD8229 is an ultralow noise instrumentation amplifier designed for measuring small signals in the presence of large common-mode voltages and high temperatures.
The AD8229 has been designed for high temperature operation. The process is dielectrically isolated to avoid leakage currents at high temperatures. The design architecture was chosen to compensate for the low VBE voltages at high temperatures. To enhance long term reliability, the wire bonding in the packaging is designed to avoid intermetallic absorption at high temperatures.

   Designed for 210°C operation
   Low noise
      1 nV/√Hz input noise
      45 nV/√Hz output noise
   High CMRR
      126 dB CMRR (minimum), G = 100
      80 dB CMRR (minimum) to 5 kHz, G = 1
   Excellent ac specifications
      15 MHz bandwidth (G = 1)
      1.2 MHz bandwidth (G = 100)
      22 V/μs slew rate
      THD: 130 dB (1 kHz, G = 1)
      ±4 V to ±17 V dual supply
      Gain set with single resistor (G = 1 to 1000)
      Temperature range: −40°C to +210°C

   Down-hole instrumentation
   Harsh environment data acquisition
   Exhaust gas measurements
   Vibration analysis


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